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Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees is the name given to the charity drive that we hold in conjunction with our Country Christmas Festival to raise money for some local charity. This years charity is through Alaska Airlines Charity Flights. (We try to chose one of the companies that spend the majority of their proceeds on those to be serviced, not the administration. But 100% of what is earned at the Festival of Trees with be donated by Pyrah's.) (If you have charity ideas for future events please feel free to suggest one.)

The general outline of the event is as follows:

Sponsors sign up (either companies, individuals, neighborhood groups, etc. could be anyone really) who agree to produce and cover costs associated with obtaining and decorating a Christmas tree or wreath
Designers are engaged in the decorating/designing of the trees. Often elaborate theming, gift certificate attachment, or other creative additions are employed. Sometimes clubs, schools or other organizations participate as well as professional designers.
The day before A Country Christmas event trees and wreaths are set up for display in the building.
The building is opened to the general public at the Country Christmas Event. The public will be able to bid on the trees and wreaths up until 8:00 when bidding will be closed.

Tree and Wreath Policies and Procedures 2013

Registering Your Tree/Wreath
·      Registration forms/packets may be requested by emailing festivaloftrees@pppfarm.net   ·      Your space will be guaranteed only if your registration is received by Pyrah’s Pioneer Peak Farm by December 18th, 2013  
·      Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive an email confirmation.  If you do not receive a confirmation please call: Janet Dinwiddie 907-351-4731 or email: festivaloftrees@pppfarm.net  
·      If for any reason you find you are unable to fulfill this commitment after you have submitted your registration and have received your confirmation please notify us so all spaces can be utilized. 

 Things To Remember When Decorating Your Tree/Wreath
·      Use  artificial trees/wreaths within size/category parameters. All trees must be entered with tree stand included.
·      Trees 4 Ft. and taller will be displayed on the floor, and decorations may not exceed the diameter of the trees.  Any additional decorations or objects that are not affixed to the trees must be displayed underneath the tree.
 ·      Trees under 4 Ft. will be displayed on tabletops.  Any additional decorations or objects must be limited to within a 6 inch diameter of the tree.
 ·      Be sure lights are new and wired onto tree.  For safety, use lights with a UL listing.  Do not overload your tree with lights.  This is a fire safety issue.  Please bring an extension cord (6-9 Ft.) that will be sold with the tree. 
·      If using a pre-lit tree, do not add additional lights.
·      Attach any replacement bulbs and fuses to your tree skirt.
·      Furnish a tree skirt.  Attractive tree skirts and a few accessories below the tree help the tree to sell.  If you use batting as your tree skirt, fire retardant batting must be used.
·      Decorations must be non-flammable
·      Decorations must be firmly affixed to tree.
·      All items on, under, or around the tree, will be sold with the tree.  All trees and accessories become the property of The Festival of Trees upon completion and will be priced and sold as such.   The Following Will NOT Be Accepted at the Festival Of Trees
·      Live trees.
·      Trees featuring alcohol, tobacco, or adult content material.
·      Water ornaments, globes or other water features. 

Decorating Day, Friday, December 20, 2013
·      Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm will open at 2 PM to begin decorating
·      First thing: check in at the registration table to review your submission and receive other information.   Your tree MUST be completed by 7 p.m. unless arrangements have been made. ·      Receipts for your tax purposes.  If you intend to claim a federal charitable tax deduction, you will need to keep your receipts associated with your donation.
·      On decorating day you will be asked for your itemized expense list to help determine the market value of your tree and to set a suggested opening bid.  (This form is included with your packet).
·      Come prepared.  Bring scissors, florist wire, wire cutters, step stool, glue gun, pliers, drills, screwdrivers, ladders, clean up tools, etc.  Please label all of your supplies.
·      Due to security and safety issues, we recommend children be left at home during the decorating process. 
·      At check out on decorating day, upon completion of your tree, you will receive one (1) complementary ticket to A Country Christmas Festival 

** Upon completion, all trees become the property of Festival of Trees**