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 Rhubarb                 $1.50 / lb                                       
 First vegetable of the year!  Come get some to make yourself a nice homemade pie or crisp.  Uncovered antioxidizing and immune building properties are getting this overlooked vegetable touted as "the new pomegranate." 

 Kale                        $1.25 / lb                                      
 This 'it' vegetable has endless possibilities--sauteed, in salads, baked as chips, or in your favorite soups. High in fiber and vitamins A, C, K, Folate, Magnesium, etc, etc. Bag yourself up some today!

 Lettuce                   $1.25 / lb                                       
 Red and green leaf lettuce and baby romaine are currently ready for making fresh salads and  adding to wraps and sandwiches.     

 Bokchoi/Nappa     $1.50 / lb                                      
 These chinese cabbages add a crisp, wonderful flavor to eggrolls, stir frys, and casseroles.

 Collard Greens      $1.25 / lb                                         
 While we have been told that the best collards are picked right after the first frost, the younger greens are currently available.  And really, who can wait? 

Kohlrabi               $ .75 - 1.00 / lb                                 
Hard to read, wonderful to eat.  One of our favorites round these parts.  If you can imagine a mix between a mild radish, sweet cabbage, juicy turnip, and touch of apple -  you still would not be able to understand this vegetable.  Perfect raw in salads and veggie trays or added to any casserole or dish.  Can 100's of moose be wrong? Come get em before they do!

 Spinach                $1.25 / lb                                        
Vitamin and nutrient rich, this powerhouse green speaks for itself as a health boosting disease prizefighter.  Not only does it fulfill many of your daily requirements, but this mild vegetable has wonderful taste and texture in every leaf.

Strawberries         $5.00 /pint                                         
Nothing can beat a handpicked strawberry.  Picked by us off of our hydroponic towers, you will have the opportunity to eat a strawberry that actually tastes like a berry and has a keeping life long past the 6.3 hours that store berries do.    

Radishes            $ .80 / lb                                              
Been, a long time comin'. Typically one of our earlier vegetables, radishes are just now ready.  Due to the long, cool summer we have a great crop without "pithiness" (the hollow, hot, undesirable effect).


Broccoli            $1.25 / lb                                              
These mini trees are notorious for being pushed off the plates of kids around the world, but it's also notorious for being one of the healthiest vegetables.  Come get some fresh broccoli for dinner tonight and to process for the winter.  You may be surprised at who will eat it;)

Mustard Greens      $1.25 / lb

Cauliflower           $1.25 / lb        

Potatoes            $ .95 / lb

Beets                $1.00 / lb            

Zucchini      $1.00 / lb                        

Carrots     $1.00 / lb

Peas                    $ .50 / lb                                           English pod peas, also known as the "shelling" kind are ready.  The cooler weather has helped these plants thrive and the few days of sun has started filling out the pods.   

Snow Peas           $3.00 / lb                                          Picked as edible flat pea pods, snow peas are a wonderful addition to any meal, cooked or raw.   

Sugar Snap Peas   $2.50 / lb                                         You eat the whole pod on these green beauties, and your kids will eat them all up.  Full of juicy sweetness, these peas are finally fat enough to pick.